A Trip is Not a Fall. Or is it?

Every time I see my Movement Disorders Specialist, I am always asked if I have fallen. As Parkinson’s progresses, balance can become less automatic, with falls becoming commonplace. A person can fall because of postural instability caused by a stooped posture. Freezing of gait and ridigity can cause falls, as well as turning in place. Vision problems are another cause. Objects on the floor, including area rugs, can create an obstacle course for a PwP. Falling can cause very serious injuries as well.

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I have a history of tripping. In my mind that isn’t a fall, but apparently I am wrong. It is a gait problem that I did not acknowledge that I had. Rationalization kept me in denial. I don’t fall, I trip, therefore it is not a gait problem. Wrong!

So what is this gait problem that doesn’t apply to me? I don’t lift my right foot up enough and my shoe sometimes gets caught on a step or a curb when I am walking, sending me flying. If you look at my shoes, you will notice a very different pattern of wear on the right foot, where the tip of the sole often gets damaged from the way I walk and pulls away from the toe of the shoe, and if not properly glued back on, will often get caught on that evil step.

So last Friday, coming into the house with my young grandchildren, laughing and talking, my hands full of something from my garden, I tripped on the step, and made my grand entrance into the house, flying into a couple of chairs inside the door. I got pretty banged up, but fortunately nothing serious. This time.

I have tripped over uneven sidewalks, covers on sidewalk construction sites, high curbs and low curbs. I have broken a bone in my foot and another time, a finger. My phone screen has also been a casuaIty several times. It seems to happen about once a year as a reminder to me that I should be paying more attention to my feet when walking. But that creates another problem – if I am always looking down at my feet, I can bump into someone or something I didn’t see coming. I just can’t win……

Poker Anyone?

The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund, which is a partner of Twitchy Woman, is having its annual poker tournament. If you llive in Los Angeles, please join us for a fun evening.

ALL IN FOR PARKINSON’S Thursday, October 28, 2021

Check-In: 6:30pm – Tournament Start Time: 7:30pm

Join us on October 28th for our second annual poker tournament…this time in person! The tournament will be held in a beautiful backyard setting (address to be provided post registration). Drinks and food by Lenny’s Casita will be served throughout the evening. Check-in is at 6:30pm. For anyone who needs assistance pre-tournament, we’ll be offering basic poker lessons at 7:00pm and the tournament will kick off at 7:30pm. For more details, please email: russell@themeyrowfoundation.org. There is limited seating, so we recommend signing up in advance. REGISTER

Join Team Twitchy Woman at Moving Day LA on October 30

Walk with us or support our team at Moving Day LA to raise funds for the Parkinson’s Foundation. Twitchy Woman t-shirts will be available for sale at our table at the walk.

Have a great week!


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