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We are living through very interesting times with the Corona virus totally disrupting our lives. How are you coping with this? Are you finding that you are feeling isolated? What can you do?

Twitchy Woman is hosting a series of webinars on Zoom about twice a month on Sunday mornings at 10 am Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern). Our meetings are always fun, informative and free. And just for Women with PD. To maintain privacy for this group, we ask that care-partners and family members not attend unless an event states that registration is open to all. If you have any questions, please contact Registration is required for each webinar. The passcode is always Twitchy.

We also have a closed group on FaceBook that you are welcome to join. This is for women with PD only, to maintain privacy. Feel free to post information about any of our speakers, topics you would like to see on Sunday Mornings and more.

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Upcoming Programs

January 15, 2023 Palliative Care with Kirk Hall

What is Palliative Care?  How is it different than Hospice?  Kirk Hall is a well known authority on Palliative Care and will be talking about this very important type of care for People with Parkinson’s. Click here to register

January 29, 2023 Judi Spencer and the WPC Choir

Do you love to sing?  

Learn about the WPC Choir and how you can sing with them, even if you are not going to Barcelona!

Register here

Please support our presenters when possible

They have much to offer those of us with Parkinson’s and have generously donated their time and knowledge to be with us on Sunday mornings. Many are small non-profits that have had to change how they do business because of the current situation.

Do you have ideas for future sessions?

Do you know any speakers or programs that you want to recommend? Please contact me directly at twitchywoman18@gmailcom

Haven’t used Zoom before? Try it out at least a few hours before and the program will walk you through it. You will be asked to enter the meeting ID which will take you to our meeting. You will receive the meeting ID information once you register. Please note that the ID is different for each session.

Past Events

You can view all of the recordings on our Youtube Channel

December 4, 2022 Rock Steady Boxing with Dean Moskowitz

Get ready to fight Parkinson’s. Learn the principles of Rock Steady Boxing and have a lot of fun exercising in this interactive workshop. Watch the recording here

November 13, 2022 Kat Hill and Nancy Peate

Kat and Nancy talked about their new book Being Well with Chronic Illness: A Guide to Joy & Resilience with Your Diagnosis 

Kristie Scott hosted this meeting. You can watch it here

October 16, 2022 Parkinson’s Across America

Jim Morgan and Scott Rider, both People with Parkinson’s, are going across the country for one week a month, talking to and interviewing other People with Parkinson’s. They plan to create a documentary style film for the Parkinson’s Foundation that offerers hope and encouragement. Watch the recording here.

September 18, 2022 PWR! Moves with Pandora Larsen

PWR!Moves are the core of our Parkinson Disease specific functional exercise and physical therapy programs. The Basic 4 PWR!Moves are designed to each target a skill known to deteriorate in people with Parkinson disease, which often lead to loss of mobility and function. The PWR!Moves can be practiced in multiple positions, made progressively more physically and cognitively challenging, and be used differently to target each person’s unique symptoms individually. PWR!Moves help you mitigate symptoms and rebuild functionality, no matter how you incorporate them into your life.

View the recording here

August 21, 2022: Improv for Parkinson’s with The Tightrope Theatre

Learn how Improv will help exercise your brain with PD while having a lot of fun.

Parkinson’s Society BC – Laughter is the Best Medicine 6 week course – $30 CAD*: 

UBC Centre for Brain Wellness – drop in classes – Tuesdays and Fridays (registration not yet open):

View the recording here

November 20, 2022 Sydney Collin: Balance and Me, with PD

Exploring how balance can change with Parkinson’s Disease and what we can do about it. Treatment options and assistive devices that can be used to keep your balance were discussed. Watch the recording here

October 30, 2022 Stacey Macaluso, Mission PD and The National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act

Stacey Macaluso, trainer and founder of Mission PD, lead us through some PWR! exercises that are the core of the Mission PD program. Stacey also shared her passion for advocacy for people with Parkinson’s. You will learn more about the National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act and the postcard that she has developed for you to use to contact your congressperson.
Susan Lehman hosted this meeting. Watch the recording here

October 2, 2022. Shilpa Rao and Richelle Flanagan on Women and PD

Shilpa Rao, a graduate student in Dr. Ignacio Mata’s lab at Cleveland Clinic,  talked about her work looking at women-specific health experiences and PD severity. The analysis in this work will allow women to better identify sex-specific factors that may impact their PD severity, as many studies look at only risk factors for PD. 

You can take Shilpa’ survey here.  

Richelle Flanagan also joined us to talk about My Moves Matter an app she is developing for women with PD. 

Watch the recording here

September 11, 2022 Creative Writing Workshop with Steven Greene

You will learn new ways to use writing to spur your creativity and explore your journey with Parkinson’s Disease in this participatory workshop. Steve will provide proven techniques to help you get started on a daily journal, a poem or a written record of your experience with Parkinson’s. Attendees will receive a worksheet and exercises to explore on their own following the workshop.

Click here to watch the recording

July 24, 2022: Smile Through Art

Through creativity, cognition, and movement our Smile Through Art® Workshops target specific areas of the Parkinson’s population. Those living with Parkinson’s disease are able to find relief in their symptoms, including a heightened level of mood, through attending our programming.

To learn more please visit

Recording not available

June 5, 2022: the I Am! poem workshop

August 7, 2022: Learn about the WPC with Eli Pollard

With Ashley Asti from PMD Alliance. When you’re faced with a chronic and degenerative disease, it can feel like you become the diagnosis. In this I Am! Poem Workshop in collaboration with PMD Alliance, gain the tools to tap into the rich tapestry of who you are beyond a diagnosis and to fan the flames of connection and creativity. Watch the recording here.

This unique conference attracts medical professionals, researchers and people with Parkinson’s from around the world. What makes this conference different is that anyone can attend any session, no matter what their credentials are. PwP’s are welcomed with open arms by the leaders in the Parkinson’s world. Find out how you can participate in the next WPC in Barcelona July 4-7, 2023. Recording coming soon

April 24, 2022: Indu Subramanian MD and Adrienne Keener MD in conversation

Learn about the groundbreaking study on the Unmet Needs of Women with Parkinson’s that has been shaking up the PD world since it’s publication in January, 2022. You can read about their paper here.

March 27, 2022: Stacey Macaluso

We exercised with Stacey as she demonstrated several different types of exercise programs. She talked about how to find the right exercise program for you. Watch the recording here

Please note that Stacey is now with Mission PD where she offers many of the same programs.

February 27, 2022 Debra Magid and Zack Grant

Several years ago, Zack Grant made a documentary, Shake with Me, about his mother’s journey with Parkinson’s and the portraits she has been painting since her diagnosis. Watch the film at You can view the recording of the meeting here

January 23, 2022 Daniel Corcos, PhD

Dr. Corcos, a professor of Physical Therapy at Northwestern University, is a well known authority on Exercise and Parkinson’s. Join us to hear about the latest research from this engaging speaker.

You can watch the recording here

December 12: LSVT and the Google Project

LSVT Global has partnered with Google on an exciting research project called Project Euphonia to help improve automatic speech recognition software for people with speech disorders. These disorders may make using devices like Google Home, The Nest and other Smart devices, Siri, Alexa, or speech-to-text frustrating. To do this, we need samples of disordered speech to train the system. LSVT Global is recruiting people with speech disorders to help! Watch the recording here

December 5, Laura Russell

Laura spoke about her latest book, Exquisite Warriors, which celebrates 26 women battling Parkinson’s Disease with grace and dignity. This limited-edition artist book is an “exquisite corpse” structure — an interactive children’s book that was once a Surrealist game where the pages are split into body parts. In turning the pages the viewer changes the visual sequence of the body, creating a variety of permutations of heads, torsos and legs. As if we could swap out our own body parts when they fail us. Watch the video here

November 14, 2021 Rx Ballroom Dance

Erin and Trisha, professional ballroom dancers, guide us through a curriculum that uses the rhythms of the ballroom dance styles to engage both the body and mind.”

Click here to watch the recording

Sunday, October 3, 2021 Creativity and Parkinson’s with Amy Carlson

It is said that people with Parkinson’s often become more creative. Amy Carlson takes us along with Alice down the Rabbit Hole to explore creativity. You can watch it on Youtube here

Sunday, September 19, 2021 What should you know about participating in clinical trials?

Do you know the difference between a Phase 1 and Phase 3 clinical trial? Why do most trials fail? Lauren Simmons and Susan Lehman shared their experiences with clinical trials. Dr. Andrew Siderowf, MDS and Ellen Indik from the Penn Movement Disorders clinic spoke about what goes into clinical trials, recruitment and more. Watch the recording here

July 11 and July 25 So Many Parkinson’s Organizations – So Little Time

There are a lot of Parkinson’s Organizations competing for our time and our donations.  Learn about 8 different Parkinson’s organizations and what they have to offer you as a person with PD.

Watch the July 11 video here.

Watch the July 25 video here

June 13, 2021 Discovering Neurographic Art with Lorraine Wilson

We had a lot of fun creating art with Lorraine Wilson. The technique that she used can be done by anyone. All you need is paper, pens and colored pencils or watercolors.

You can watch the Youtube video here

April 25, 2021 Combat Micrographia and Improve Your Handwriting

One of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s is Micrographia (small handwriting). Saba Shahid, from Creative Neurology led us through a workshop specifically designed for People with Parkinson’s to improve their handwriting. Learn more about her from the poster or go to her website:

Recording unavailable at this time.

March 21, 2021 PARTE’ with Twitchy Woman as We Celebrate One Year!

Twitchy Woman celebrated 1 year on Zoom with Stephanie Goodman from Parkinson’s Art of Expression (PARTE’) You can view the recording here

February 21, 2021 Dr. Soania Mathur

Dr. Mathur is a family physician living outside of Toronto, Canada who had to resign her practice following a diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at age 27. Find out more at her blog UnshakeableMD

You can watch the recording on Youtube here

January 24, 2021 Writing your Narrative

Everyone has a story. We may think our personal stories are nothing special, boring, blah. Yet if we are brave enough to tell a story, we find people are fascinated by our lives…even what we think is mundane. Carol Clupny, author of The Ribbon of Road Ahead: One Woman’s Remarkable Journey with Parkinson’s Disease , Linda K Olson, author of Gone, and Sharon Krischer discussed how they have shared their PD stories. You might even hear a good story or two. You can watch the recording on YouTube

November 15, 2020   PD GENEration

Do you know if you have one of the gene mutations that can cause PD? What is your risk if you test positive for one of the genes? Do genetic forms of PD look different for women than for men? Denise Coley (PwP) and Ana Naito (researcher) will talk about the Parkinson’s Foundation initiative that offers genetic testing and genetic counseling at no cost for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Watch the recording here

November 1, 2020 Do your changing hormones wreak havoc on your meds?

We explored how changing levels of Estrogen can interfere with our Parkinson’s medications. A panel of three women talked about their experiences and then led small breakout group discussions. Recording not available.

October 4, 2020 Cycling with Jay Alberts, PhD

Jay Alberts, PhD, talks about the benefits of forced exercise for People with Parkinson’s and about his current study with Peloton bicycles.

You can view his talk here

August 9, 2020 Claire McLean PT, DPT, NCS

We had an amazing PWR! exercise session with super PT Claire McLean. She has shared information about her online classes and membership.If there are any women in Orange County who would be interested in exercising with Claire in person (when that is a thing again!) or coming in for an assessment you can contact Claire directly or check out her website:
For online membership:

July 14, 2020 Dancing Through Parkinson’s

Linda Berghoff had us dancing to the music. So much fun! Learn more at Invertigo Dance – Dancing Through Parkinson’s

June 14, 2020 A Morning with Dr. Laurie Mischley

Laurie Mischley always inspires us. Watch the recording here of the very informative session.


May 17, 2020 Taiko Drumming

Taiko Drumming is great exercise. Watch the recording with Sydney, Naomi and Vivian

April 19, 2020 Jennifer Parkinson Iljin – Neuro Boxing

Boxing is a lot of fun and great exercise. Watch Jen’s fascinating presentation as she tells her story from barely being able to move to a boxing instructor here

April 3, 2020 Maria de Leon – Parkinson’s Diva

Are you a Parkinson’s Diva? Check out Maria’s books below and learn some fun tips just for women with PD. Enjoy!

Parkinson’s Diva (the book)

June 26, 2022: “What a Load of Balls” with Sue Wylie

Sue’s newest film What a Load of Balls uses a “cheesy game show” format to talk about PD symptoms. You can watch the recording of the film and discussion here.

May 22, 2022 Ignacio Mata PhD

Dr. Mata, from the Cleveland Clinic, spoke about the Genetics of PD and what it means for precision medicine and treating Parkinson’s in the near future.

You can watch the recording here

April 10, 2022: LSVT Big and Loud

Lorraine Ramig, PhD, CCC-SLP, CSO of LSVT Global and Jennifer Tuccitto, MPT, GCS, Director of Innovation and Communications for LSVT Global speak about LSVT programs for people with Parkinson’s. Watch the recording here

March 20, 2022 Laugh with Twitchy Women + Celebrating 2 Years of Sunday Mornings together!

We explored the healing qualities of laughter, learn to make fun of Parkinson’s disease and practice laughing at the most embarrassing issues. 

Watch the recording here

February 13, 2022 Bradley McDaniels PhD

How can you find meaning in your life when you have Parkinson’s Disease? Dr. McDaniels discussed this important subject and the research he has done.

Watch the video recording here

January 16, 2022 Driving with Parkinson’s Disease

How do you know when to turn in your car keys? How did you make the decision to give up driving? Was the decision made for you by others? If so, how did you feel? Recording not available for this meeting.

November 7, Terri Bryant, Founder of Guide Beauty

Terri Bryant spoke about her journey with Parkinson’s which led her to develop a line of cosmetics and tools for makeup application that are easy to use, even with a tremor. Watch the recording here

October 24, 2021 Qi Gong with Bianca Molle

QiGong is a system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. Watch it on Youtube here

August 15 Ping Pong for Good

Experts agree that enhancing brain health is one of the most significant advantages of playing ping pong because it triggers neurological pathways throughout the body. The speed, projection and spins result in sharpened mental acuity.

Watch the recording here

June 27, 2021 Hormones and Parkinson’s

Richelle Flanagan, co-founder of the Women’s Parkinson’s Project, Caitlin Nagy, woman with YOPD, and Roberta Marongiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medicine, will talk about the effects of hormones on Women with Parkinson’s Disease. Watch the recording here

May 16, 2021 Twitchy Woman Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

Are you newly diagnosed and looking for someone to talk to about Parkinson’s? Or have you been living with PD for a while and want to help someone else on their journey with Parkinson’s? Watch the recording of this meeting featuring Susan Lehman, Carole Ries, Debra Brewer, Lisa Rozacky and LeeAnn Cochran

April 18, 2021 The Perky Parkie Allison Smith

Allison told of her journey with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, her DBS surgery right after diagnosis, advocacy and more. You can watch the recording here

March 7, 2021 Alone in a Crowd

Conquering Loneliness and Isolation in These Times of Spiritual Distress and Parkinson’s Symptoms. Research shows that loneliness and social isolation can increase severity of Parkinson’s symptoms.  But is the answer to simply surround ourselves with more people or more zoom calls?  Rev. Sharon Burniston, MDiv, BCC-PCHAC, CT, a palliative care chaplain will shared insights into how spiritual distress can lead to feelings of loneliness, even when we are surrounded by caring friends and family.  

Watch the recording on Youtube

February 7 2021 Urban Poling

Mandy Shintani, Occupational Therapist and gerontologist from Vancouver, Canada, who developed the ACTIVATOR trekking poles for Parkinson’s disease, spoke about the research and the benefits of poling for PD. For more information go to You can view the recording on YouTube

January 10, 2021 Deep Brain Stimulation: Is it in your future?

At this amazing session, 4 women shared their experiences with DBS surgery and the outcomes. You can watch their emotional, brutally honest presentations on Youtube

December 13, 2020 Music Mends Minds

We had a wonderful musical Sunday with Music Mends Minds. Carol Rosenstein, Founder & Executive Director–spoke about how she explored the amazing prospect of music as medicine for the mind and created musical support groups for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and PTSD. You can view the recording here

October 18, 2020 Linda K. Olson

Linda K. Olson lost both of her legs and one arm when the car she was traveling in was hit by a train. Then 5 years ago, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. You can watch her amazing story as she told to us it by clicking here

September 13 Yoga with Christiana Lewis

“If you can breathe you can do yoga” We had a wonderful yoga session which you can view here Email: C 949.541.1583

August 23, 2020 Ending Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Ray Dorsey

This was an amazing information session with a call to action.  For those of you who missed it, make sure that you watch the entire video and then take action.  Sign up to be  PD Avenger.  Send an email to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler asking him to ban Paraquat in the US.  And sign up for future research studies with Dr. Dorsey.  

July 26, 2020 Kinetics

Sue Wylie, writer, producer and Person with Parkinson’s, joined us for a discussion about her film, Kinetics. Watch this session on Youtube
Email Sue at for more information.

June 28, 2020 Living well with PD in Covid-19 era with Dr. Indu Subramanian

Movement Disorders Specialist Indu Subramanian, MD, UCLA and the VA, talked about living well with PD in Covid-19 era including the importance of social connections, mindfulness and yoga to alleviate some of the stress we are all feeling during this unsettling time. Watch the recording of session.

May 31, 2020 PD-Connect

So much fun exercising with Lisa and SteF. For more information about PD-Connect and to take their virtual exercise classes go to

May 3, 2020 Kat Hill – Sketchbook Journaling

We learned to find our inner journalist with Kat.

Sorry, no video.

Click here for Kat’s slides

March 22, 2020 Kristie Scott – Life Coach, Woman with PD and creator of Evolve Cards

Our very first program was with Kristie Scott, a life coach and woman with Parkinson’s. Most of Kristie’s information is on her website Here is a link to her Resource List

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