An Interesting Week

Several things have been all over the Parkinson’s world this week that I would like to share with you. A study at York University in Canada was published that shows the long term benefits of dancing to music for Parkinson’s Brains. Another article reviews some apps designed to make life better with PD. And just for your enjoyment, a music video made by a boxing class in Ontario, Canada. Don’t miss the Twitchy Woman t-shirt sale and join us on Sunday, July 25 to learn about 4 of the big Parkinson’s organizations.

Shall we dance????

Dancing as therapy for Parkinson’s has been making big news this week. There are numerous Dancing for PD classes everywhere. Small short term studies have shown that it is beneficial to people with PD. However, this is the first long term study than confirms the benefits of dancing to music. Researchers at York University in Canada found that participants who took part in weekly dance classes saw significant improvements in speech, tremors, balance, and rigidity. Unlike those in the nondance group, both movement and psychological symptoms did not deteriorate over 3 years. You can read about their research at Dance Classes Help To Stop Parkinson’s Symptom Development, According To Study | IFLScience

Game night

A recent blog post by Samantha Felder who was diagnosed with YOPD at age 21, may be of interest to anyone with a smart phone. On her blogpost Apps Can Benefit People With Parkinson’s Disease she talks about apps for exercise for PD, speech impairments, PD diaries and more.

Out Like a Light

This song is was written by Taylor Abrahamse, whose mother is in a Rock Steady Boxing class. It was produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer and the video was done with her boxing group in a small town in Ontario Canada. Enjoy!

July 25 So Many Parkinson’s Organizations – So Little Time Part 2

This Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman program is open to everyone.

There are a lot of Parkinson’s Organizations competing for our time and our donations.  Learn about the different Parkinson’s organizations and what they have to offer you as a person with PD.  Join us for the second of 2 meetings when we will have representatives from the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, The Parkinson’s Foundation, Brian Grant Foundation and the European Parkinson’s Disease Association.

If you missed the first program last week, you can view it here

Click here to register for the meeting

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Have a great week!


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