Jimmy Choi Continues to Inspire

We need to give our bodies a better chance of performing. It doesn’t matter what you’re faced with…if you make your body healthier, you are going to feel better.

Jimmy Choi

Three years ago, I was introduced to Jimmy Choi through a mutual Parkinson’s friend in Chicago. Several weeks later I received an email from Jimmy, of American Ninja Warrior fame, stating that he would be in LA the following Sunday and could he speak to my PD friends. A week later, Jimmy showed up at my home with his daughter, straight from their flight to LA from Chicago. With a weeks notice, we had over 30 people in my backyard for a pot luck BBQ and mini-obstacle course set up by Alex Montaldo, whose StoPD boxing program I had been attending for several years.

Three years later, Jimmy continues to inspire people everywhere with his amazing attitude and athletic prowess. Here is the video from the original blog post from July 2018. Enjoy! You can read the entire post here.

July 11 and 25 So Many Parkinson’s Organizations – So Little Time

The next two Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman are open to everyone. We hope you can join us.

There are a lot of Parkinson’s Organizations competing for our time and our donations.  Learn about the different Parkinson’s organizations and what they have to offer you as a person with PD.  Join us for 2 meetings when we will have representatives from the different organizations talk to us about what they do and how you can get involved. We will have 3-4 speakers on each day. Invited Organizations: APDA, Michael J Fox Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation, PMD Alliance, Davis Phinney Foundation, Brian Grant Foundation and PD Avengers.

You must register for each date separately. July 11 July 25

It’s time for WEGO Health Awards!

I am honored to have been nominated again this year in 6 categories: Best in Show Blog, Best in Show: Community, Advocating for Another, Best in Show: Twitter, Patient Leader Hero and get ready for this one: Hilarious Patient Leader! Thank you to whoever it is out there that thinks I am hilarious and nominated me in that category. You gave me a good laugh and I accept the honor!!!!

If I have made an impact on your life with Parkinson’s Disease, please endorse me (in other words Vote for me) by going to WEGO Health Awards. Click on Endorse This Patient Leader and select what categories you want to vote for. Or just go ahead and vote for all of them. We might even be able to fool them into thinking that I am hilarious.

Thank you for all of your support. It is really appreciated.


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