April in Parkyland

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. There will be a lot of activities this month for People with Parkinson’s along with their care partners, family and friends to learn more about PD and to advocate for yourself and for your community. There will be some things for specific groups and others for everyone. Make sure you have some fun, too. The sky’s the limit – or is it now Zoom’s the limit?

Here is a small sampling of what is happening:

  • PD Avengers: Watch for their big announcement on April 1. Sign up to be a PD Avenger here to keep up with the latest news on how you can help end PD.
  • Parkinson’s Foundation: Ask your City Coucil, Mayor or Governor or other elected officials for a proclamation supporting World Parkinson’s Day (April 11). Write letters to the editor. These are just a few of the ways you can make a difference with the #FutureOfPD campaign kicking off on April 1.
  • PD Warrior invites you to join them for their annual Insight Into Parkinson’s online conference, from April 11-13

This year’s theme is LIVING BRAVE and there will be over 30 speakers plus some amazing interactive sessions including an exercise workshop and challenge, guided mediation & workshop, laughter therapy session, online support groups and even an improv workshop & demonstration including Larry & Dan in our Avengers group!

You can register or view the program here: www.pdwarrior.com/insight

  • Parkinson’s Community LA: PCLA is looking for submissions for their forthcoming Living Artistically: The Poetry of Parkinson’s book, to be published this April in honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month and National Poetry Month. Submissions from anyone in the Parkinson’s community are welcome – people with Parkinson’s, care partners, friends and family members, care providers and advocates – all are welcome to submit!  Visit their website for more information on how to submit.
  • Prime PD: Stacey and company will be hosting a Virtual Dance Party to kick off Parkinson’s Awareness Month – April 1st at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT

All of the major PD orgs will have special programming in April. Check their websites for information.

News for You

On Monday, March 28, I was honored to be part of a round table discusion on Women and Parkinson’s Disease with Angela Neff, Jenn Parkinson Iljin and Sree Sripathy sponsored by PCLA. We had a great discussion about issues that face women with PD.

APDA re-posted a very good blog post about the difference between a neurologist and a Movement Disorders specialist. If you are not yet seeing a MDS, this is a must read for you.

There are some rumors circulating about a possible Women with PD retreat somewhere in the US, next fall or spring. If you are interested in attending a retreat or want to help plan it, please let me know.

Finally, Twitchy Woman has been celebrating a big birthday in March with a fundraiser to provide special opportunities for Women with Parkinsons (the rumored retreat and more). There is still time to contribute until April 10 by texting Twitchy to 707070 or go to: https://www.pledge.to/anniversarycelebration

Have a great week!


A Note To My Readers

I love to see your comments and get your emails as we share our collective experiences. But based on a couple of private questions from some of you, remember, I am just a lay person and a patient like the rest of you. For medical and similar advice, you need to talk to your own doctor

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