February Musings

We just returned from a glorious 6 days in Maui, which is one of our favorite places to go to. Mr. Twitchy loves to go there in January-February to direct the whale traffic off the island. He thinks they would get lost without him. Walking along the beach path in the early mornings, there were plenty of whale sightings. Many were mothers with their babies, who will begin their annual migration back to Alaska next month.

I promised Mr. T that I would not do anything on this trip that could be dangerous for a person with Parkinson’s. No more zip-lines for me. No stand-up paddle boards or surfing. We went snorkling and kayaking and just relaxed at the beach. It was wonderful and nobody got hurt.

Photo by Sharon Krischer

Now that we are back, it is time to get caught up on the latest Parkinson’s news. Here are a few items of interest for you.

Study of Over 1 Million People Reveals Heart Attacks Can Reduce Parkinson’s Risk

Thanks to Mr. Twitchy for finding this one for me to share with you. From Sciencealert.com

We know the devastating effects Parkinson’s disease can have, but scientists are still trying to figure out how it gets started and how to cure it.


Some new research may have found helpful clues, linking having a heart attack with a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s later. The drop in risk is around 20 percent, based on an analysis of 181,994 patients in the Danish health system who suffered a heart attack between 1995 and 2016, compared with 909,970 control subjects, matched for age and sex and the year of their heart attack diagnosis. Read more here

Clinical Trial Approved for a Biothereautic Products for Parkinson’s

A different approach to treating PD that looks interesting. From Parkinson’s News Today

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved 4D Pharma’s request to launch a Phase 1 clinical trial in the U.S. evaluating the safety and tolerability of MRx0005 and MRx0029, its experimental live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) for Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s News Today

LBPs, a new class of therapies, are defined by the FDA as biological products containing whole, live microorganisms, such as a bacteria or yeast, aimed at preventing, treating, or curing a disease.

Expected to start by mid-year, the first-in-human trial will separately test both candidates — orally delivered single strains of bacteria naturally found in the healthy human gut — in people with Parkinson’s. You can read the rest of the article here

The Mask Mandate is being lifted in Los Angeles today

Finally, we can collectively breath a maskless sigh of relief. If you have been vaccinated, you can go maskless just about everywhere. After two years of wearing a mask, things may just start to look normal again. But what is “normal” going to look like? Here are a few of the things I am hope will change very soon.

  1. In person boxing classes will resume EVERYWHERE. I know that some have started again, mostly outdoors, but mine hasn’t and I miss seeing my boxing pals. The same goes for all other PD exercise and dance programs.
  2. Zoom programs will continue, but will start to include hybrid versions. Wouldn’t it be great if we can meet together and conference those in by Zoom who cannot be with us physically?
  3. Some people may actually go back to work in their offices. Wow, what a concept.
  4. Sweat pants and PJs will no longer be acceptable attire for work or for formal dinners. Hopefully all of those clothes that have not left our closets for two years will still fit.

What is your “normal” going to look like when the Pandemic is officially over? I would love to hear from you.


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