We are getting cranky here

…with “global travel, every single day, of literally hundreds of thousands of people coming into the United States every day from all over, there’s no chance we’re going to be virus-free.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci

70 days.

As one day melts into the next, we are all getting cranky. Yes, we are all

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concerned about this “novel” virus that is plaguing us, and the havoc it is wreaking everywhere. And there is no end in sight. We are exhausted mentally, physically and even financially. The concern for many is, when this is finally over, what will life be like for us. Will we be afraid of making contact with other people? With Zoom and other similar platforms becoming the only way for our children to learn, for many of us to work and to have contact with our family and friends, and even visit remote places in the world, will we forget how to actually interact with other people in person? Travel, go to a restaurant, go to school, a real office? What about sporting events or movies? Or will we continue to cocoon in our homes when it is safe to go out again?

New Masks for us

For those of us living in Los Angeles, we were told yesterday that the restrictions may last until the end of July. Or they may not if the situation improves sooner. Glad to see our public officials are just as confused as we are. But the beaches, golf courses and tennis courts are opening, as well as the hiking trails. Of course there are many new rules for all of these to accommodate for social distancing. And wearing a mask outdoors is now mandatory everywhere in Los Angeles. So I got my sewing machine out and made a few more masks for us from unused tea towels that I bought in Kyoto when we were there for the World Parkinson Congress.

For about a month, Mr. Twitchy and I have been out early riding our bikes through the neighborhood, just to get out of the house. I have noticed many more people out walking and riding bikes as the weeks have gone on. We wave to one another, from a distance of course. I have also noticed so many more things about the neighborhood since we are going up and down the streets. There are a lot of houses being remodeled, but almost none for sale. A lot of signs in windows handmade by children and adults. Something I have never seen before: yard signs congratulating the high school seniors on graduating, from several different schools. There seems to be more of a sense of community than before.

We went back to the beach a few nights ago, legally, to get another look at the glowing waves. The beach traffic was like the 4th of July at noon. We got lucky and found someone leaving. It was definitely worth going back. The neon blue waves were pretty amazing. Another thing I can check off on my bucket list. When I look at the videos I took, I have to smile. Maybe I am not so cranky after all.


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