So many blogs…….

This week I began a 3 week online class called Blogging 101 sponsored by WordPress.  I had already written the title to this blog before I saw last night’s assignment: “Find 5 new blogs to follow.”

I had been thinking about the proliferation of blogs and how many there are for People with Parkinson’s.  Somehow I keep thinking of new things to write about and discover that others have the same idea, often a day or week later.  Those of us with Parkinson’s have so many of the same concerns and issues that there are many common themes in our blogs.  It seems that everyone is writing.  So how do you determine which ones to follow?  Some of them are very informative and full of technical stuff.  Others are just fluffy vanity pieces, like so many other blogs on other topics.   And there were a few with terrible titles and tag lines that actually had good content.  The assignment the second day was to create a GOOD title and tag line that conveys your message.  Obviously some of these bloggers didn’t take the class.  Somewhere out there in cyberspace are blogs that speak to you and me.

So here are a few of the new blogs I decided to follow for now:

Parkinson’s Women Support

Parkinson’s Disease And Me



You may want to look at a few of these and decide whether to follow them.  We all of have different experiences with PD, so it can help to see what others are doing to cope and to improve their lives.  However, I would love for some of you to contribute to this blog, sharing your thoughts, issues, successes or anything else related to your experience with PD so that we can all learn from one another.


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  1. I love teaching Blogging 101 – check out my other blog – and let me know if I can help with anything.

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