Defined by her Art

Alison Paolini was an artist who happened to have Parkinson’s Disease.  Several months ago I was asked to contact her because she wanted tAlison Paolinio sell some of her artwork to benefit people with Parkinson’s Disease.  She had illustrated two books written by Kirk Hall several years ago titled  Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa and Carina and Her Care Partner Gramma.  These stories are designed to help parents and grandparents comfortably talk about the initial symptoms of Parkinson’s and address common questions and concerns children may express.  Kirk had enjoyed working with her and spoke highly about her artwork.

A friend from my PD group and I met with Alison in July to talk about how we could sell some of her artwork at a reception for Women with Parkinson’s in the Los Angeles area.  We had been planning a tea to be held in November with Alison as our guest of honor.  However, on Friday I received the sad news that Alison had lost her battle with Parkinson’s.  

We were both impressed by her passion for art of all kinds.  Alison was a woman who graduated college at age 50, many years after  leaving school to raise a family.  She taught art in Northern California, participated in many art shows, led a support group for PD and belonged to a writing group.  We are sure that she has inspired many to follow in her footsteps.

In memory of this wonderful, multi-talented woman, we are hoping to continue with our plans so that her desire to benefit Women with PD through her art will become a reality.





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