Twitchy Women – Peer Support Program for Women

If you are Newly Diagnosed with PD you might find it assuring and helpful to have a Peer to talk with as you navigate integrating Parkinson’s into your life plan.  

Peers are volunteers that have spoken with many others, and have been on this journey long enough to share their experiences and to, most importantly, hear your concerns.

Though Peers will never offer any medical advice, they may guide you in what are positive steps forward and how to handle this road we are all on together.

Not So Newly Diagnosed also might find it’s the right time to include a Peer on their team.  Our friends and family maybe wonderful, but there comes a deep support, connection, and a shorthand, when talking with someone whose own concerns are your concerns.  

Peer support programs have been life changing to many of the women who volunteer with the such systems.  You may not even know what to ask, but they know what you might need to hear and how to guide your questions.  We laugh together, cry together and find great joy together. 

We’ve come to realize that we are all partners in living well with this disease.  We welcome you to our team. 

What we want from you:

Do you want to be a Peer Mentor______ Peer Mentee _______

Twitchy Women – Peer Support Program Participation Agreement

By sending in the above form, you acknowledge that you have asked to participate in the “Peer Program” being organized by Twitchy Women and Sharon Krischer (through her website and agree to the following:

  1. The Program. Under the Program, you, as someone recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, will be paired with a woman (Peer) who has been living with the disease for a longer period of time. The Peer will be a lay person, not a doctor or a specialist of any kind, and will be a volunteer. The goal of the program is for the Peer to provide any experiential advice that you may request from her in helping you with day-to-day issues that may arise as you learn to deal with your disease. You understand that nothing in the Program is meant or intended or should be construed to be medical or any other kind of expert advice.
  2. Your agreement not to sue. In consideration for your participation in the Program, you agree to you will not sue or otherwise bring any claim against Sharon Krischer, any Mentor who may be paired with you or anybody else involved in any way with the Program. In more formal/legal terms, you hereby release, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue, and agree to fully protect and hold harmless Sharon Krischer,, any Peer and any other person involved with the Program from all claims, actions, costs and expenses, including all reasonable attorney’s fees, and other liabilities arising in connection with your participation in the Program. This agreement not to sue shall be governed by the laws of California and is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law.
  3. You acknowledge that you have carefully reviewed the terms of this Agreement, that you are entering into this agreement willingly and voluntarily and that you agree to be bound to all of its terms. In this regard you specifically understand that by signing this agreement, you are giving up potential legal rights and remedies.