Who is that person behind the mask?

Here we go again……..

With COVID variants on the rise, many of us are being told to wear a mask again when indoors. Last year in May 2020 I wrote about the communication problems caused by wearing a mask for Parkinsonsdisease.net. I think it is worth reading again.

Communication while wearing a mask

In a conversation with Lauren Simmons of PD Buzz in Orange County, California, we discovered that we were both audiologists in our past lives.

We have both gone on to do other things, but we are still audiologists at heart. We talked about how much more difficult communication is when wearing a mask or scarf over our mouths, which can present a real challenge for people with Parkinson’s.

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So Many Parkinson’s Organizations – So Little Time

This month, Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman hosted representatives from 8 different Parkinson’s Organizations. I think most of us, even those who are very involved in the Parkinson’s world, do not know what each organization does that is different than the others. So we asked the presenters to talk about their top 3 priorities and what they were doing for women with Parkinson’s, if anything. Both sessions led to lively discussions about how each one had their niche, but they all do work together to advocate for those of us with PD, especially on topics like the need to ban certain pesticides and to lobby in Congress for money for research and health care.

Here are the recordings of the two sessions

July 11, 2021
July 25, 2021

A big Twitchy Woman thank you to the following organizations for participating:

Dr. Rebecca Gilbert

Katrina Kahl
Dom Graham
Larry Gifford

Sarah Osborne
Larry Gifford
Sarah Jones

Have a great week!