Losing a friend

I lost a friend last week.  I met Elyse just a year ago, but she had a profound influence on me.  Her sister has been a friend of mine for several years and she connected the two of us because of our common bond of Parkinson’s.  Elyse and I only met in person twice, but we conversed often by email about our concerns, fears and all issues about Parkinson’s.  Our little support group of two flourished.

In April and May, while I was going through my medical meltdown, Elyse was having her own crisis.  My issues finally resolved.  Unfortunately hers did not.  She was finally diagnosed in June with a rare, virulent form of cancer and left us all too soon, just a few weeks later.  But through it all, she always asked how I was doing, in spite of the difficult time she was having.

The more I hear about Elyse, the more I understand what an amazing person she was.  She gave hope to all around her, no matter what her circumstances.  It was a privilege and a blessing to have known her.   And I will miss her, as will everyone else whose lives she touched.