Tracking PD via iPhone

This morning, I came across the following article in the Parkinson’s Action Network email:

This Phone App Lets You Contribute To Research On Your Own Disease

Being curious about any new way to track my symptoms, I read the article.  It turns out that the app they are talking about I have already used.  You can find it at by Sage Bionetworks.

I eventually stopped using the app because I found it was incredibly repetitive and boring.  The tasks never vary day to day.   I am sure the data that is gathered is helpful for researchers.  But for me, it did not seem worth the time required each day.

I found several other Parkinson’s apps when doing a search in the app store.  Have any of you used any other Parkinsons apps? If so, what did you like or not like about them? Is there anything you would recommend either for iOS or Android?

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