Drug Breakthroughs

Last week, we welcomed our new grandson to the world. Because of Parkinson’s  meds, I was able to hold him with out worrying if I was going to drop him.  What a change from nearly 2 years ago when I was afraid to hold our new born granddaughter,  because of my tremors.  I am sure many of you have experienced similar issues because of your PD.  What follows is an article about drug breakthroughs that may indeed occur “during our lifetimes” and will allow us to hold and enjoy our grandchildren.

Some exciting news about drug breakthoughs.

We keep saying, “not in my lifetime” when it comes to a real breakthough in Parkinson’s treatment.  This article from the American Parkinson Disease Association shows that there are some promising treatments for PD.

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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

We have all been inundated with emails from different websites stating that it is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and encouraged to share our experiences on Facebook and other social media sites.  For me, it took a long time to come to terms with the diagnosis before I could even tell a few of my friends and family about it.  And even longer to get the word out to a broader audience.  Only when it became obvious that something was wrong and people started asking did I begin to open up.  Six years later, it is still difficult.

When I started writing this blog, it was a big step forward for me.  As my therapist reminded me, it wasn’t too long ago when I could not share with anyone.  Somehow, sharing my thoughts with others with PD is comfortable.  That is what Support Groups are for.  But I still can’t go the Facebook route, other than in closed PD groups, such as the one for Rock Steady Boxing NY/LA.

How do you handle this issue?  Please share what works for you.  Were you comfortable enough with your diagnosis to share with others immediately?  Or are you like me, still hesitant after many years.  It is a difficult issue, especially when your symptoms are under control and not very visible, like mine are at the present time.

The APDA wants us to post this on our Facebook photo.  Did you do it?  I still can’t.  Maybe next year.