A New Look for the New Year

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.


It is hard to believe that January is over already. #1 on most lists of resolutions is to work out and eat better. We want to get back into shape now that we can get out more. But, for many, these New Year’s Resolutions are already forgotten. (Mr. Twitchy says his resolutions morphed into eat more and leave me alone.)

Getting Back in Shape

We have all gone through resolution atrophy. You work out furiously for a few weeks (or just days), determined to get back in shape. Then stuff gets in the way. Six days a week becomes 5, becomes 3 . . . and then what? A new report comes out, like one a couple of weeks ago, that says all you need is six intense minutes of work out a day. So you look at your exercycle and say “who needs you?”

Photo by Rui Dias on Pexels.com

My attempted route (so far successful) was to go back to pre-Covid ways and go to a yoga studio for live classes. (And they helped with a special offer of a flat fee for the last two weeks of January, no matter how many times you went, plus prizes for the person who came the most!).

Getting back to in-person classes has made a big difference for me. It incentivizes me not just to attend, but to work harder. And I’m noticing a difference. My joints already feel better and my energy level is up. Perhaps THAT will incentivize me to keep it up. ALL OF US need to find the incentive that will keep us exercising, because that remains, by far, the best thing for us. Now I am just waiting for Parkinson’s Boxing classes to return to my community.

And a New Look for the website!!

All hail Twitchette #2, who has worked hard, digging through the archeological detritis of this site. It started 8 years ago with a one-week class from WordPress. On that rickety platform, I kept layering a series of changes, never worrying about how they worked (or didn’t) with what went before. So T2, embarrassed by what her mother was doing to her (T2’s) profession, took over and pretty much burned it all down and started from scratch. It now looks and works better than it ever did. Navigating the site should be much smoother now. Thank you!!!

Photo by Format on Pexels.com


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