Give and Get for Parkinson’s

Let’s not wait until we discover the cure, for which we of course desire, but rather let’s focus on how we can improve life today because individuals truly can live a very, very good life, with the care and support they need, today

Russell Meyerowitz
Parkinson's Wellness Fund

Do you know about the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund? Probably not. This lean, but mighty non-profit does something that none of the bigger organizations do. They give grants to people with Parkinson’s, like you and me, who are in need of funds to provide access to services and support to live a better quality of life. Things like extra physical therapy sessions after you have reached the maximum your insurance will cover. Or a 6 month boxing gym membership, diapers and wipes, acupuncture and more.

I first met Russell Meyerowitz about 5 years ago through a Parkinson’s friend who had needed help to keep going to physical therapy. Russell, who is about the same age as my daughters, is the founder of the PWF. His father has Parkinson’s and had been doing really well with his accupuncture. One day he told Russell he could no longer go to accupuncture because he reached the maximum that his insurance company would pay for. Russell saw this as a challenge to raise money to help other people with Parkinson’s to get things they needed but could not afford. And the PWF was born.

With his wife, Amy and an incredible community they have built, they have raised funds to assist thousands of people with Parkinson’s in need. The couple go over every application they receive to determine what they can do for the recipient. Grants are often provided within a number of weeks, not months, to help each recipient now. To raise money, they have held several golf tournaments, a poker night and more. But given the tremendous demands they are expanding other ways to raise money.

Supporting People with Parkinson’s

Recently Russell showed me the newest feature on the website for raising money. There is a list of people on the website who are applying for grants, along with what each person needs. You can choose who you want to give money to by clicking on the donate button by their name. All recipients are identified by their first name only in order to maintain their privacy.

This is an example of how this works

Give and Get

Through our partnership with the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund, you can contribute to the Sunday Morning’s with Twitchy Woman Zoom programs. In addition, you can donate to Twitchy Woman to help provide scholarships for women who will be attending World Parkinson’s Congress for the first time. ($400 each for registration). Twitchy Woman also receives funds from the PWF to underwrite programs such as a special workshop series for Combatting Micrographia, just for the women who attend our Sunday morning sessions.  We are looking into other future endeavors together, to help you live better with Parkinson’s.

If you would like to make a donation to either Twitchy Woman’s general fund or WPC scholarship fund, click here. To give to the PWF or apply for aid, click here.


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Twitchy Woman

Twitchy Women partners with the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund to ensure we have the resources to offer peer support for women with Parkinson’s.