That’s What Friends Are For

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I often receive emails from people who have specific questions about Parkinson’s disease (PD). Today I heard from a woman who introduced herself as a non-Parkinsons gal who has PD women friends. Very dear friends for whom she would want to help in whatever capacity she can. 

She asks: “What’s the best way a non-PD friend can help friends with Parkinson’s?” Here is my response. I hope it helps you understand that just being a “friend” is the best thing you can do for us.

Be there to listen

The best advice I can give you is to just listen when your friends need someone to talk to. We want our friends to be exactly that – friends. Not our caregivers, not our nurse or chauffeur, but a friend in the true sense of the word. Someone who we hang out with, call to share things good and bad, a confidant. A friend.

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So Many Parkinson’s Organizations – So Little Time

There are many Parkinson’s Organizations competing for our time and our donations.  Learn about the different Parkinson’s organizations and what they have to offer you as a person with PD. Join us for Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman on July 11 and 25 when we will have representatives from 8 different organizations talk to us about what they do and how you can get involved. Because of the topic, these two meetings are open to everyone.

July  11

Polly Dawkins
Larry Gifford
Larry Gifford
Sarah Jones

July 25

Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
Katrina Kahl
Dom Graham
Sarah Osborne

You must register for each date separately. July 11 July 25

WEGO Health Awards

I am honored to be nominated again for the WEGO Health Awards for Best in Blog

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A Note To My Readers

I love to see your comments and get your emails as we share our collective experiences. But based on a couple of private questions from some of you, remember, I am just a lay person and a patient like the rest of you. For medical and similar advice, you need to talk to your own doctor

2 responses to “That’s What Friends Are For”

  1. Dear Sharon, You’re Twitchy Woman is greatly appreciated by so many. I always read it as I like to keep abreast of what’s happening. You are concise and relevant. I know you know that I am always here to listen  or if you need anything!  Enjoy your weekend and your family. Jenny

  2. thanks Jenny. and you know that I am here for you as well. that’s why we have been friends for so long!

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