Getting back to normal life and some exciting news

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.

Fred Rodgers

As COVID-19 has receded in California and many other states, we have slowly been moving back towards a more normal life. Mr. Twitchy and I have dined outdoors with friends in restaurants for the last few months and indoors more recently as indoor seating has become available. We haven’t gone to a movie or sporting event yet, but that will most likely happen in the coming weeks.

Emotionally, it feels great. However, we have become so used to wearing a mask that it is a bit unsettling when we forget to bring one with us when we go out. I forget to pack a mask more often than not now and often run back into the house to get one, just in case. Once we were vaccinated, we felt almost liberated. We could be with other friends and even started hugging each other – but always asking first if it is ok.

However, we know a lot of people who are still afraid to leave their homes. They may have been vaccinated, but insist on always wearing a mask and not touching another person. I worry about these people and the long term psychological effects that were caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. How long will it take them to feel safe to go out and get back to work, restaurants, movies, etc.?

Tennis Anyone?

As for me, I finally got back on the tennis court this morning for the first time in over a year. And it was not a pretty picture. Like many other people with Parkinson’s, even though I have probably been exercising more since the beginning of the Pandemic, I don’t feel as well as I did before all of this started. I have been riding a Peloton bike indoors, biking outdoors, taking yoga and boxing classes on line and more, but I don’t know that I have been putting in the same effort as when the classes were in person. Playing a game like tennis, where you are moving in spurts, running forward, backwards, starting and stopping while trying to swing a racket can take its toll on you. So today, I went to a women’s tennis clinic at our club followed by some doubles games. About half way through, my legs felt like jelly. My swing was deteriorating as was my grip on my racket. I could not wait to get off the court.

And next week? I will go back and do it all over again.

After all, that hole in my calendar where my tennis game has had priority for the last 20+ years has been staring at me for over a year and I am not going to back down.

Some exciting news!

There are several Best Parkinson’s Blogs lists on the internet and I think my blog has been on all of the ones that I know about for the last 4 years.

Last year’s badge

Feedspot, a news aggregator, was probably the first “Best of” list my blog appeared on when they listed the top 50 PD blogs 5 years ago. Since then I have always been ranked in the mid to high 20’s on their list. This year they decreased the number of best blogs and websites to 45 and my ranking shot up to, are you ready for it? #2!!!!! Only Parkinson’s News Today was rated highter. I don’t understand how they determine who goes where. There is something about Twitter and Facebook followers, domain authority, social rank, and even Alexa rank, among other things that I can’t even begin to understand and I certainly don’t think about when I post something. Thank you Feedspot for recognizing an aging Baby-Boomer who can’t figure out Instagram and Tik Tok! Anytime I feel that I need for a Dopamine rush, I know I can get it by taking a look at your list!

A chance to speak up

On Tuesday, I had the priviledge to to speak at a PD- Active Round Table event with Heather Kennedy (Kathleen Kiddo blog) about Finding Your Voice with Parkinson’s. We spoke about different ways to use your voice so that you can be heard – either by strenghtening your voice in different ways or the alternate definition of speaking up for yourself and others. You can watch the video recording here. PD Active is a Parkinson’s organization that provides programs for people in Berkeley, Oakland and the East Bay near San Francisco.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Kudos on your ranking! Very impressive and very deserving. Jenny

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