WPC VIRTUAL and Other Educational Opportunities

Because of the Pandemic, the Parkinson’s community has created some unique educational opportunities for all of us. Distance learning has become the norm, so many previously help symposiums are now presented on-line. As a result, many local programs have extended their reach far beyond the original intended audience, often going global and reaching people living in remore areas where there were few opportunities to participate in anything related to Parkinson’s Disease.

Here are just a few of the exciting programs that you can attend no matter where you are.


Many of us are looking forward to coming together in Barcelona next year for the World Parkinson Congress. In the meantime, the WPC will be holding its first ever on-line meeting in May. Their goal is to do this on the years in between the in-person WPC which takes place every 3 years.

“”The WPC Virtual: Advancing Science, Care, & Living with Parkinson’s online congress will take scientific updates and connectivity to a new level. We are thrilled to announce this first ever virtual Congress from the WPC that will rival the quality and content of what we offer in person. While in-person World Parkinson Congresses will continue to take place every three years, these WPC Virtual Congresses will now take place annually in the years between the live WPCs, meaning that every year, without fail, you can access timely, forward thinking Parkinson’s talks that will inspire you and give hope to the millions of people living globally with Parkinson’s.”

Program dates: Monday – Friday, May 17 – 21, 2021.

Registration opens on April 1, 2021. For USD $25 you will have access to all 20 pre-taped sessions, with three talks in each session, as well as all 20 live Q&A panels and both Wellness talk series on fitness and voice.

Viewers who live in a country defined by the World Bank as Low Income or Lower-Middle Income will be offered free registration.

Topics presented during this five-day virtual program will include updates on: Basic Science, Clinical Science, Treatment Options, Comprehensive Care, and Living with Parkinson’s. The program will also include two 4-part wellness series as part of the week, looking at PT wellness and Speech/Voice wellness. Talks will be forward thinking and delivered by both well recognized and up and coming leaders in the Parkinson’s space. 

Parkinson’s Policy Forum

This annual event in Washington DC is usually by invitation only. This is your opportunity to participate in the public policy process from the comfort of your own home.


“Building relationships with lawmakers is an important part of our strategy to accelerate new treatments and find a cure. The Parkinson’s Policy Forum — taking place virtually this year — is a time to unite members of the Parkinson’ s community and share opportunities to participate in the public policy process.

We invite you to join us for this free virtual event which will bring together community members from across the country for research updates, policy briefings, educational advocacy trainings and networking opportunities.Policymakers need to hear directly from constituents impacted by Parkinson’s disease to better understand how federal dollars can support scientific progress and people living with the disease. So, we need your help. Ready to learn more and get involved? Register now to attend this free event

Virtual Learning abounds at Parkinson’s organizations

All of the PD organizations are offering lectures and other learning opportunities on-line. Warning: take too many of these and you may think you know more than your doctor!

Click on each logo to find out what is being offered

PMD Alliance
Parkinson's Foundation Logo
Davis Phinney Foundation
APDA : Strength in optimism. Hope in progress.

Of course there are many more options for you. There are many exercise classes being offered online just for People with Parkinson’s. There are all kinds of online chat and support groups, Facebook groups and blogs, some for anyone with PD and some for specific groups. PMD Alliance and PDBuzz have very comprehensive lists of resources for you.

Finally, for Women with Parkinson’s, please join me for Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman. We offer a variety of speakers and topics specifically designed just for you. Check the sidebar for upcoming meetings.

Be inspired. Learn something. Have fun.


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