It’s the little things…..

It’s the little things that are a constant reminder…..

The pill boxes next to my bed, in the kitchen, in my purse

The stiffness in my ankle when I get up in the morning

The shaky foot when driving

The arm that doesn’t swing properly

The sleepless nights

The smile that isn’t quite right

The internal tremors

The foot that doesn’t lift quite enough to clear the steps

Losing my grip on the tennis racket mid-swing

The anxiety that builds up when sitting still too long at the dinner table, at a meeting or even watching tv.

The difficulty just writing an address on an envelope.

It’s those little things that are a constant reminder that Parkinson’s is still there, even though my meds are working well.  It’s those little things that are not necessarily “just getting older”, but may be signs of changes in Parkinson’s.  It’s those little things that remind me to cherish every day and enjoy life, because someday those little things may become bigger things unless a cure is found soon.

200 years after James Parkinson defined the “Shaking Palsy”, we are still looking for The  Cure.  Let’s not wait another 200 years.  Current research seems to be getting closer to more effective treatments, and maybe even the elusive cure.   This month is Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  Do your part and get the word out, advocate for PD research, educate others about living with PD.  Together, we can help to find the cure.

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#UniteForParkinsons           #Together4PD




6 responses to “It’s the little things…..”

  1. Brave words and reminders. . . HOPE is one of the good 4-letter words. Linda

  2. Rebekah Cerecke Avatar
    Rebekah Cerecke

    Hanging on to the Rope of Hope !

  3. What a beautiful way of summing up something so big and making it so understandable! BRAVO

    All my best, Marcy Smith

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Avatar

    Sharon very true and inspiring

    Best, Barbara M Rubin Sent from my iPhone


  5. Mary Beth Johnson/ James Johnson Avatar
    Mary Beth Johnson/ James Johnson

    I read your blog to my husband as he is not the greatest with the computer! We enjoy your comments and positive attitude. It is so necessary. Best to you!
    Mary Beth

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