Parkinson’s causes his body to freeze up. Only one thing gets him moving again.

Dan Kiefer, one of the “pugilists” in my boxing class, is a freelance journalist.  His latest article, “Parkinson’s causes his body to freeze up. Only one thing gets him moving again” was published today in the Washington Post.  It is a great article about the benefits of boxing for people with Parkinson’s Disease.   There are some great photos of our group as well.

If you are not yet participating in a boxing program for PD or some other form of strenuous exercise, you should consider doing so, with your doctor’s blessing, of course.  Every one of us in the program has noticed improvement in gait, balance, agility, flexibility and more.  All motor skills we once never had to think about, but now challenge us every day as we live with Parkinson’s Disease. 


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