A Few Thoughts about Sleep from guest blogger PD in AZ

Thinking it was my age (63) or  perhaps my sudden inability to let go of daily worries and concerns, I too started to notice more frequent sleep interruptions. Difficulty falling asleep at bedtime was especially foreign to me.  Since when do I have insomnia?? After my PD diagnosis last June, it all started to make sense.

I’ve always followed the “suggested” process for healthy sleeping (dark room, no clutter, etc.) and taking either an OTC or Rx sleep aid was not on my radar. I have such a hypersensitive system, that even infrequent Benadryl would leave me dopey for days.

Fortunately for me, I found something that lulls me to sleep and keeps me asleep throughout the night (except for my usual trips to the bathroom), and I feel refreshed in the a.m. Currently I get about 8-9 hrs of sleep. And on a hot afternoon, if need be, I can take a brief nap without it interfering with my regular sleep routine.

After relocating in Aug. to AZ where medical marijuana is legal, my husband Brad and I did plenty of research.  I was advised that certain strains of the plant could help. These are called indica. And because, I have never smoked nor do I want to start now, there are many “healthier” ways to deliver the medicine…vaporizers, edibles, etc. Different people need different doses, depending on body weight, type of effect you’re looking for, etc.

If you live in an area where this medicine is available to you, it is an alternative to taking dangerous pharmaceuticals. Interactions? There are none associated with my regimen. For some, there may be a stigma in using this form of medicine, but we’re all facing a bewildering disease and fighting the best fight we can. For me, not being sleep deprived gives me the edge on how I conduct my day. I am very grateful I have this choice.


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