To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…….

Hamlet may not have had PD, but for most of us, a good night’s sleep has been elusive for years.  In fact, it may have been the first sign that something was awry, but I just thought that is was a normal part of aging.  I can’t remember the last time I got the recommended “8 hours” of sleep without adding some drugs.  Even then, I may get 6 hours of sleep and a drugged hangover.

I have used sleeping pills, Xanax (my happy pill), Benedril, lavender oil on my pillow, on my wrists or my nose, meditation, relaxation tapes, you name it.  The other day I saw a post on Facebook about Sleepy Dust, a mixture of salt and sugar that you dissolve under your tongue at bedtime.  Fans wax poetic about how it changed their lives.  For me, not so much.  But I did like the taste of the sweet and salty mixture.  It can be addicting.  In a good way, not like those sleeping pills.  But personally,  I could get the same effect by eating salted caramels, and enjoy it a lot more.

Have you found anything that works for you?  If so, can you please share it with this site.  I know I am not the only one out there trying to get more sleep.  Any creative ideas are welcome.

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